Monday, December 01, 2003

Marriage. "The essay on 'Printing' by William Morris and Emery Walker, published by them in 1893, was the first title issued by the Village Press. For all the other books produced by the Press the type was set by Goudy's wife. (To be married to a wife who can set type is happiness indeed.)" -- Walter Tracy, Letters of Credit.
I'm enough of a type geek to enjoy reading books that get really steamed up about removing space between letters ("a spurious sort of sophistication... can only be due to a compound of ignorance and indifference"). Eventually, I suppose, I'll be enough of a type geek to stop finding them funny.
[Letters of Credit, by Walter Tracy, 1986. Readable and sane, with few errors of proofreading. These aren't normal qualities in design books.]

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