Monday, March 13, 2006

Rewards of reading on

TLS, March 10, 2006; "Learned Journals" roundup; final item; first sentence:

"Few academic journals can pull off two articles about farting in one issue, but Exemplaria does it with panache."

The writer is Bettina Bildhauer. The articles she mentions are by Valerie J. Allen and Peter W. Travis, on the place of breaking wind in grammatical/musical theories and "thirteen ways to interpret a fart, as exemplified by Chaucer's Summoner".

If you're feeling the doubts I felt, well, Exemplaria seems to exist: it has a website, at any rate. If you're tempted to subscribe, it's $50 a year individual outside US (not $85 - naughty Lit Supp), but bear in mind that it's "A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies" and Bettina Bildhauer says that means mostly late Medieval literature, mostly through deconstruction and psychoanalysis.

Oh, and if you're thinking of reading the rest of the article on the web, and you're not a TLS subscriber, you should give up: all you'll get is a few highlights and a broken link to a .pdf of the previous issue's contents page.

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