Monday, May 07, 2007

Interview envy

You're talking to the intelligent and - by the sound of his songs - potentially prickly lead singer of an indie band. Your first question is "Ever been in a fight?" And your first answer goes like this. Lucky, lucky, clever old you.

(Via, eventually, the Maud Newton link to the article in the same issue of The Believer on the Codex Seraphinius, which I clicked on because a friend had previously directed me to a MetaFilter discussion on the subject. He reads MeFi and likes it; I like it but don't tend to read it, except when he points me to it, when there is every chance that I'll end up stealing a link. That makes this site a sort of MetaMetaMetaFilterFilterFilter, but not in a good way.)

1 comment:

exile said...

Any time your second transcribed question is "oh my god", you know it's going to be a good day on the ol' Q-and-A front.
Okkervil River's excellent, by the way. (The band, that is. I shall investigate the river at my earliest convenience.)