Friday, July 27, 2007

Even more random than usual

These books look very cute, if you have children of drawing-and-colouring-in age: a good gimmick ("Just add heads and arms!") executed with wit in an appropriate hippie-Victorian-ish style. While we're plugging, I should say that I ran across them in this exquisite design-geek boutique; which, among other virtues, is the kind of environment where a lone fat bearded man can leaf through a colouring book without anyone getting the wrong idea.


Bo said...

hi peter!
i may have got a job in Bonn teaching Celtic. Starting in 8 weeks.

'German is an inflected, Indo-European language...'


Jasper Milvain said...

Hi Bo! Provisional congratulations. I'm reading Boswell's Life of Johnson at the mo, and it may be that the great man's approach while on holiday is the one to follow:

"While Johnson was in France, he was generally very resolute in speaking Latin. It was a maxim with him that a man should not let himself down, by speaking a language which he speaks imperfectly. Indeed, we must have
often observed how inferiour, how much like a child a man appears, who speaks a broken tongue. When Sir Joshua Reynolds, at one of the dinners of the Royal Academy, presented him to a Frenchman of great distinction, he would not deign to speak French, but talked Latin, though his Excellency did not understand it, owing, perhaps, to Johnson's English pronunciation..."