Friday, February 08, 2008

Clever Perec sell

This "staff pick" card, found in an Islington bookshop, pimps A Void, Adair's virtuoso translation of La Disparition, in words that honour its famous lipogrammatical constraint. OK, so that's not a wholly original trick - a critic or two had a go at it on first publication - but it's still not a thing that many of us would think to try in such tight conditions. Bravo Adam, I say.


Simon C said...

Although the pendant in me feels driven to point out that 'e' is not in any sense a 'grammatical tool'.

Jasper Milvain said...

True that. "Tool of communication", maybe? But we know what he means, and why he can't use "semantic".

Jasper Milvain said...

Also, the pedant in me says: pendant?