Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sub-editors notice these things

Selected headlines from the Guardian's build up to the New Zealand-England Test series:

Time for Panesar to learn from Vettori

Time for Bell to turn elegant fifties into mighty tons

Time for England's batsmen to knuckle down

Time, in short, for the sort of performance that would make "Time for..." headlines redundant. Failing that, time for a new way of expressing disappointment.

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Petersen said...

Along those lines there's also the old "(insert age) not out" headline, deployable any time an article about a well-known person is based largely around the fact that they've been doing whatever they do for a reasonably long period of time. Granted, it's probably about the most polite way to say in headline form "Admit it, you probably thought this guy was dead". But still.