Monday, March 21, 2011

Never read the label

Here are three extracts from the packaging of a Pizza Express 'Sloppy Giuseppe' pizza.

Extract one, from a list under the heading 'Cooking like a real Pizzaiolo':

- Now most importantly, drizzle over a tablespoon of olive oil

Their bold.

Extracts two and three, from the ingredients lists for, first, the dough, and then the toppings:

- Wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar, flour treatment agent (wheat flour, dextrose, emulsifier E472e, rapeseed oil, antioxidant E300)

- Tomato sauce (short omitted sublist here), mozarella cheese, spicy beef sauce (long omitted sublist here), red onion, green pepper, rapeseed oil, tomato puree

My bold.

I haven't eaten the pizza yet. It will probably be very nice.

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civ clarke said...

hmmm. You should pay no attention to their drizzle.

I've been hunting up and down for an email address, with which to alert you to the Anatomy of Norbiton (, but am eluded.

It's a bit nutsy, but you may enjoy it. It is sort of tapir-themed, if you can imagine that.

I'm posting a page a month or so and am up to fanatastical (the anatomy runs from aetiological to zoological); gastronomical is in the pipes, so to speak (hence the extraordinarily tenuous relevance of this post).

Sorry to abuse your comments hospitality.

Enjoyed reading about the pneumatical railway.