Monday, August 21, 2006

Service update

My clippings file blog now runs up to this March, and has a whizzy new highlights selection linked down the right hand side. You never know who might have an eye on you - especially once you've deleted the stats counter for being too depressing.


HKM said...

i don't know how to access the stats thing. instinctively i don't want to.

thefatman said...

I on other hand would really like to know how to?

jaspermilvain said...

Far as I know, Blogger doesn't have a built-in stats thing. They are always adding new features while you're looking the other way, but I don't think they've added this one.

What I did was go to here, register for a free account, and put the html code given on my sidebar. You get a logo, and when you click on it, you get visitor stats, starting from when the logo went on.

The risk is that anyone else can click on it, too. The one time an author I'd written about stumbled his way to this site, I managed to kill the conversation by pointing this out.

At that point, this blog was on one of its 'up' phases: fairly regularly updated, and with more discussion of new books than of days-old newspapers. It was averaging one reader a day, rounded up, if you included me.